Updating windows xp sp1 to sp3

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Updating windows xp sp1 to sp3

I have a logical drive named Documents and on that drive a folder called Downloads.

I keep all my apps and drivers downloaded from the Internet there. To keep it organized, I have a lot of subfolders including one for Apps and one for Drivers.

I made a promise that I would export my IE Favorites and Firefox Bookmarks the next time I did a Windows reinstall. There is a core set of applications that you know you will be using.

One good way to identify these core apps is to take a look at your desktop and Start menu.

Please provide feedback in the forum if you find any issues.

If you are using your browser to store the passwords for Web sites, you will be in for a rude awakening after reinstalling Windows — they will be gone.

If you don't have Excel you can keep the IDs and passwords on a piece of paper securely locked away in a safe place or you can choose one of the software alternatives available.

Robo Form is a popular way to secure your browser login user name and password but is not freeware.

There are some very good reasons why you might want to reinstall Microsoft Windows.You can export your e-mail and contacts from Outlook Express, Outlook, MS Mail, and most third-party e-mail programs. Unless you have a special reason otherwise, you can exclude the Deleted and Junk mail boxes. If I need a contact, I pull it up from an archived e-mail.I have a folder called Mail Exports under my Archive folder where I export my e-mail. You might want to export your contacts though, especially if you have a large number.However, if you keep your IDs and passwords in a password-protected Excel or Open Office Calc spreadsheet, be aware that there are programs that can recover/discover the password for most files.I suggest you use stronger encryption techniques to better protect Excel 2002, 2003, and 2007 spreadsheets.

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For more information about these options and the pros and cons of Vista, please read When you run the Windows Vista set-up program, you will see a window with two options: Update and Custom (Advanced).