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Speed dating in dublin city

The findings suggest that people with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), a condition characterised by constipation and diarrhoea, may have extra-sensitive enterochromaffin cells, the researchers said.'We're now looking into whether these cells might be hypersensitive in people with IBS,' Professor Julius said.

At this time of the year I usually launch an attack on the international rules series, mocking its ugliness, self-importance and downright pointlessness. It's hard to know which is more alarming - that an act of extreme violence before the ball was even thrown in in a challenge game led to the hospitalisation of a player with gruesome injuries; or that it doesn't seem to matter.

The specialised cells first caught the attention of scientists when it was revealed that they produce 90 per cent of the body's serotonin, a chemical that regulates mood and appetite.

Researchers have now discovered that enterochromaffin cells are also specially adapted to sense irritants released by diet.

London and all the major regions of the UK are easily accessible from the city.Specifically, the cells are able to sense allyl isothiocyanate found in cabbage, which irritates the gut by causing inflammation.The scientists found that when enterochromaffin cells sense these chemicals, they start to pump out large amounts of serotonin.Perhaps the only ones in Killarney who were disappointed with Fionn Fitzgerald's brilliant equalising point were the Cork players.Certainly all of Kerry rejoiced, as did the hotels, pubs, shops, restaurants, bed and breakfast establishments and a hundred other small businesses who will gain from another big day out.

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Have you considered there might be someone else making a similar journey to you? Find a journey match Parkgate Road Campus is 20 minutes' walk from Chester Railway Station, and a taxi will cost approximately £5.