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Sitting in a tree dating review

I looked around the aisles and saw a sea of collar-popped finance/startup bros filling up the the seats and immediately picked up on the fact that I was in a different ~league~ than them.Although I'm usually quick to be social at events like these, I felt immediately more reserved and uncomfortable initiating conversations with the passengers around me. One of the first lines I casually eavesdropped in on from a user was:"Wow, that girl is like a model, bro.Jarry: I'm much more of an elitist douchebag than Brett is (which is to say, he is not one at all), so I actually had a GREAT time at the party and I'm not even being sarcastic.It was like prep school all over again (if my prep school had zero diversity and bros with egos the size of Texas).This may come as a shock, but it is entirely possible to be a person of color and also highly educated and successful!This party tried as hard at being diverse as the finance bros on the bus did at talking about anything other than themselves... Brett: Around 10 minutes into the bus ride, the free bus booze was brought out, to my delight.

This was a bit of a foreshadowing of the rest of the evening for me, and only a taste of what was to come as we settled into our seats.

I was MORE than happy to take full advantage in order to get through the next five hours of forced mingling.

When they announced that they were going to start moving some of us around, I must have looked at Jarry like my eighth-grade teacher had just told us to find a partner for a biology lab.

Nothing I imagined could have prepared me for the actual hellhole that was this bus trip.

First off, if I wanted to be surrounded by a sea of un-self-aware finance bros who live in Murray Hill for FIVE HOURS IN TRAFFIC, I would just move to Murray Hill. Second, I have serious qualms about the lack of diversity on the bus (and at the party in general).

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After a bit of settling in, I spotted The League's founder, Amanda Bradford, and left my newfound media friends to go chat.

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