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To obtain an alternate side view inside the skull, the team used a newly developed, high-energy neutron imaging technique with neutrons produced by the lab's LANSCE (Los Alamos Neutron Science Center).The neutrons interact with the nuclei of the atoms in the skull, rather than electrons as X-rays do, so this provided complementary information to that obtained with X-rays.Bistahieversor lived almost 10 million years before T.

His response was essentially not a response at all. I'm good.", and speaking out about having a healthy sexual attitude. asked Jost about that he claimed that this time of year "no one thinks about the show at all." Presumably, that's true. Hosts that might have done a killer Ivanka Trump impersonation?'The Bistahieversor represents the most basal tyrannosaur to have the big-headed, bone-crushing adaptations and almost certainly the small forelimbs,' said Dr Thomas Williamson, Curator of Paleontology at the New Mexico museum.'It was living alongside species more closely related to T.rex, the biggest and most derived tyrannosaur of all, which lived about 66 million years ago.'Bistahieversor lived almost 10 million years before T.'Normally, we look at a variety of thick, dense objects at Los Alamos for defense programs, but the New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science was interested in imaging a very large fossil to learn about what's inside,' said Dr Ron Nelson, of the Laboratory’s Physics Division.Dr Nelson was part of a team that included staff from Los Alamos National Laboratory, the museum, the University of New Mexico and the University of Edinburgh.

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A bizarre new craze sees stars looking to an unlikely source of inspiration for their poses - the Tyrannosaurus rex.