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Kenny chesney dating miss tennessee

His attorney, Michael Clement, cried foul at the discrepancy in Crawfords bail and that of his co-defendant, Hale.Hale, the mother of the alleged victim, faces aggravated child abuse and neglect in a child under eight years of age and three counts of neglect of a child under eight years of age. In court, Clement, who presented no proof to validate his reduction request, said the proof would show his client was of low intelligence with his IQ being in the 60s range.Before Eighth Judicial Criminal Court Judge Shayne Sexton gave Chesney his sentence, Tessa Lunceford, assistant district attorney general, read a statement prepared by Greg and Amy Leach, parents of the victim. You took a part of us we will never get back, Lunceford read.As she spoke the words prepared by the grieving parents, they sat in the courtroom just rows away from Chesney.The Memorial would be erected near the Old West La Follette School.Funds for the memorial are being raised by the La Follette High School Alumni and are requesting permission only from the city to use the site.

Once purchased, the bags can be deposited in the special collection bins located inside the store.

The couple wrote of their struggle to accept their oldest daughter was dead and that she had left behind two younger sisters who would miss her at milestones in their lives.

The statement went on to describe the pain Chesney had caused not just in the Leachs immediate family, but, in the extended family.

He then added that he would love to ask for his client to be released on his own recognizance but knew the court needed leverage to assure an appearance.

Seeking information, Eighth Judicial Criminal Court Judge Shayne Sexton asked why there was a difference in the bails.

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Slemp said the district attorneys office had requested the same bail for the two, but, General Sessions Judge Amanda Sammons set the bails as they currently stood.