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John bolaris dating

Today some nice new puzzles from the Czech Republik arrived: Serflex, Cross Imprisioned, and Vauban H 5.The last puzzle is one from the Burr Zoo: Dragon's Cave. When Stephan showed me the Burr-Tools file some 1.5 years ago, we were discussing how to implement the puzzle so that you can look in.Belopo is something similar for a six piece burr: with additional clamp pieces (similar to Stephan's Plankton).Tarpan is similar to Skunk I had so much fun with recently, and maybe that is why Alfons presented me this 12 piece burr with 3 frame pieces.A heavy package with some nice Indian style trick locks from Canada arrived, from Puzzlemaster: Heart Shape Brass Puzzle Lock has some new tricks I have not seen in a lock before and it will take some time until you even find the first key hole, Brass Square Puzzle Lock has a simple, but new mechanism, and Brass Figure Puzzle Lock Lion is simple but beautiful trick lock.

Doender has similar piece configuration like the Rampart 2, but between two stacks of boards.The US Cube is a boxed burr, in which you have a clear view from the outside. The mysterious Packira extends the four sticks in a box with 6 orthogonal sticks, and the Tulip has a 7 After the wood puzzle overload recently, today a package arrived from Cubezz: The Curvy Chop is basically a Curvy Copter chopped in half (and finished by closing the cut).I have a spare Curvy Copter lying around here to build this puzzle, but never got around. It came together with two others, one new, one older: Mastermorphix and Football Magic Cube Of course, I am continueing with my "big puzzle project" and have made considerable progress on GAME CRAZE. Today a huge package arrived after a fast journey from the USA. Of course, there is the usual puzzle page (Game Craze), but I also set up a special feature page with an initial description, where I will add more and more after I have played with the puzzle and discovered everyting.It started with catching up with some IPP puzzles, first from Robrecht: 50 Cent Labyrinth and 8 Stars Labyrinth.Then some new and old for n-ary puzzle group and compendium: Bin Laden Too and Elephant Spin Out.

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