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Inurl id php top dating site

Sqlmap can be used for databases other than My SQL, such Microsoft's SQL Server and Oracle, but here we will focus its capabilities on those ubiquitous web sites that are built with PHP, Apache and My SQL.

In order to get "inside" the web site and ultimately, the database, we are looking for web sites that end in "php? Those who are familiar with google hacks/dorks can do a search on google by entering:...among others.

Before we begin hacking a web site, we need to gather information. As I have said many times before, most exploits are very specific to the OS, the application, services, ports, etc.

The more you know about My SQL, the better you can hack My SQL!

Once again, I'll repeat, the more we know, the more successful we will be in hacking and the less chance you will be detected.

Here, we will be using one of the best database hacking tools available, sqlmap.

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