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This technique plotted the XY chart data on the primary axes and the Area chart data on the secondary axes.It also took advantage of a trick using the category axis of an area (or line or column) chart: when used as a date axis, points that have the same date are plotted on the same vertical line, which allows adjacent colored areas to be separated by vertical as well as horizontal lines.You can unlock the sheets and tinker if you wish, but this could result in an inaccurate tax return.I would suggest leaving the document protection in place — at least until you’ve made your tax calculations.The IRS website is the best place to start However, these only cover tax reforms and structures.If you contribute to a Roth IRA, you need to know the contribution limit for your tax status.Reeves’ meticulous planning and structure win many plaudits.

The four sheets all feature a list of Federal tax parameters specific to each tax return.Strangely, Taxvisor is actually contained in an executable file which, I must admit, made me concerned.However, after first installing the Taxvisor executable in a virtual machine, I can confirm it is legitimate and will cause your system no harm. It is time to count the pennies and disclose exactly how much you made, as well as how you earned it. I’ve made every effort to ensure these tax calculators work as they should — and they do — but your taxes are your responsibility. Let’s start with one of the most comprehensive calculators. With that in mind, I’ve tracked down two Excel tax calculators to ensure you don’t miss a single penny.

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I’ve written earlier tutorials about this topic, but I have had to change sequences of steps in the protocol because more recent versions of Excel were not as flexible with order of operations as Excel 2003 (RIP).

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